Taking appropriate steps to provide protection for your employees and business is key to safeguarding against any potential disasters, maintaining positive staff morale and ensuring the overall continuing day to day operation of proceedings.

The financial advisers at Monahans Wealth Management are available to discuss the ways in which business owners can do this, and carefully sift through the options to create a package most suitable to the needs and long term goals of your particular business. There are three main strands to the services which we offer to employers.

Workplace Pensions

New legislation requires employers to automatically enroll some of its employees (both new and existing) into a pension scheme. This new legislation is both complex and time consuming for employers , with many needing to drastically alter their existing pension procedures and administration. However our financial advisers can explain the changes, assess your current employee benefit structure and assist you in implementing any necessary changes in order to ensure you meet your obligations under the workplace pension rules.

Business protection

Safeguarding your business against potential threats or unfortunate circumstances involving key persons is an important strategic decision, and one which could make the difference between seeing it flourish or suffer. There are many insurance options which cover you against the loss of key people. Our advisers will look at all the available insurance products following an assessment of your specific business position and compile a plan suited to your needs.

Corporate investment

Just as businesses can be threatened when they do not have sufficient revenue streams, it can also be problematic when there is an excessive amount of surplus money left sitting in company accounts. If there is no immediate use for the money within the business, Monahans advisers can provide independent advice on the alternative options available to the business in terms of the investment of some of this capital.

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