Monahans Wealth Management, together with the individuals who drive us forward, has been successful in weaving a rich, successful history in the financial services industry.

Many years of qualified financial advice

Monahans Wealth Management formed the Independent Financial Adviser branch of MHA Monahans Chartered Accountants in 1999. However it has been making a name for itself since 1965 when it first began providing qualified financial advice to clients. Monahans Wealth Management is extremely proud to be one of the first in the country to achieve chartered status in 2007.  Our forward thinking approach is reflected daily in the consistent level of sound and impartial advice provided by each of our independent financial advisers.

Remaining local

Monahans Wealth Management was formed, and remains based, in the West of England where it has built a strong presence since its inception, with eight offices currently in the region.

Continuing client satisfaction

We are proud to consistently receive positive feedback from our clients, many of whom return to us again and again for the quality of the independent financial advice we provide. Building on our success, we have adapted to the changes in the market and harnessed the power of evolving technology to allow a more streamlined service but we have always stuck to our principle of focusing on providing a completely bespoke solution for each and every client.

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