Simon Ewings reflects on Financial Management

By Simon Ewings Posted 5 July 2018

Our Managing Director reflects on Financial Management

How has financial advice changed in the last few years?

There is no doubt that the provision of financial advice in the UK has undergone major change over the last decade with many new rules and regulations coming into force in that time. Pretty much all of which were designed to increase professionalism, transparency and ultimately trust in the financial services market. One example of this is the banning of insurance company commission payments in 2013.

It is generally accepted that demand for financial advice in the UK has never been greater than it is now, and I attribute much of that increased demand to the positive legislative changes that have been brought in.

What is your favourite part of the job?

The rules and regulations surrounding financial advice can be complex, which requires a good level of technical knowledge in many different subject areas. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of obtaining the technical knowledge, keeping it up to date, and then applying that knowledge to the many different client scenarios.

What advice would you give to anyone considering being a financial adviser as a career ?

It can be an incredibly rewarding career in lots of ways - but be prepared to never stop learning! Hardly a year goes by without some rule change affecting personal finance matters, and if you are to deliver advice that is relevant you need to constantly keep abreast of the changes.

And most of all - learn to really listen and understand your clients needs and circumstances - since that should form the basis of your advice.

What was your very first job ?

Other than a paper-round, when I was in my late ‘teens, the parents of a good friend of mine owned a nice little restaurant in Devon where I was a waiter for a few years when home from Uni. I’ve never worked so hard in my life! I remember I’d get home absolutely shattered from a day on my feet and spend my weeks wages in one good night out - definitely not good financial management !

Whilst I cannot say I enjoyed clearing tables, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the different customers - a skill that set me up well I guess as a financial adviser!

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