Monahans offers a range of private client services, each designed to benefit the individual client and assist you in making the most of your personal wealth.

It is often the case that, the more successful you become, the less time you can afford to dedicate to managing your wealth.  It is also true that, your personal finance requires ongoing monitoring and management to ensure your wealth is working hard for you. Monahans independent financial advisers are available to assist on both counts.

With our dedicated wealth management service, our financial advisors can help you make your money work for you rather than the other way around. We will take stock of all the assets and investments you currently own, and calculate the current state of your wealth. With the use of technology called Wrap for our Wealth Management System, the process has been somewhat simplified. The online investment platform is able to hold all of your investments in one place, allowing us as your advisers to track their progress and suggest investment opportunities and other products which are suitable to you.

Harnessing the latest technology not only improves our ability to provide you with advice but ensures that you are always kept in the picture.

Our financial advisers are able to assist in a range of ways, depending on the nature of your long term goals. These include, but are not restricted to:

  • Investment and portfolio management
  • Generation of a tax-efficient income
  • Pension planning
  • Family wealth transfer and Estate management
  • Tax planning

Whether you are just beginning to invest, or already have a number of investments, Monahans are able to offer financial advice and support to help you maximise your assets and make them work for you.

To find out more call (01225) 785570 or send us an email.